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7 Reasons why TASCforce is Unique

About Us

Asking the Right Questions

Most entrepreneurs already know most of what they need to in order to run their companies successfully. Unfortunately, the day to day pressures of keeping customers, suppliers, employees and others satisfied, dealing with crises, putting out fires, meeting deadlines can distract attention from what is most important and what needs to be done about it. At TASCforce, we believe our clients already have the right answers. If only someone would ask the right questions.

TASCforce, we ask the right questions.

The Loneliest Job in the World

Being the owner/manager of a small business can be one of the loneliest jobs in the world. Entrepreneurs need to be good at a long list of things, some of which life has not prepared them for. Limited resources make it impossible to build the in-house skills and professional relationships to deal with every problem that arises. Even when the skills exist, confidentiality and time may prevent frank and thorough discussion. Unresolved problems can damage a business, jeopardize relationships and be emotionally draining. Drawing on over 40 years of experience solving strategic business problems in a full range of industries and business cycles, TASCforce helps entrepreneurs fill this gap.

TASCforce Can Help

Starting with asking the right questions, TASCforce helps clients identify the most critical and urgent strategic and operational concerns. Once specific issues are identified, we help clients resolve them.

Whom We Help

Clients are owner/managers of small to mid-size corporations in a wide range of industries. They typically have major concerns that limited time, expertise or maintenance of confidentiality make it difficult to discuss with internal staff, existing professional advisors or peer groups. They are in need of someone who can quickly understand and grasp the implications for action of their business and operating environment, is not trying to promote a single methodology or solution, is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom and their assumptions and who can work effectively with their executives and other advisors.

How We Help

TASCforce meets with clients and, when appropriate, with their executives and other advisors. Based on these meetings, study of existing internal financial and other reports and external research, we help clients identify, prioritize and formulate action plans for addressing the most important strategic and operational issues facing them and their businesses. We assist them to assign responsibility for implementing these plans and to monitor the results.

When the need for additional skills or confidentiality requires, TASCforce will undertake special projects or participate in project teams led by others. If such projects are outside of our capabilities, we can help identify and assess others who may be able to assist.

After the initial program of action has been completed, many clients invite us to enter into an ongoing relationship to help them deal with evolving issues, provoke thinking on important matters that would otherwise escape their attention and to serve as a confidential sounding board.

What it Costs

All compensation is subject to a written engagement agreement, which can be terminated by the client at any time and for any reason. TASC's compensation comprises a fixed monthly fee. Significant work on special projects will be charged at a usually fixed amount agreed upon before the work begins.