Strategic acquisitions and business sales.

Empowering entrepreneurs to recognize and remove roadblocks to accelerating growth, increasing profitability, building shareholder value and creating great companies.

7 Reasons why TASCforce is Unique

Case Studies

B2B Distributor

  • 7-fold profit increase in 8 years
  • Replacement of COO, CFO and head of one subsidiary
  • 2 acquisitions that each increased revenues 10-fold and improved return on revenues
  • Buyout of minority shareholders
  • Repayment of 2/3 of debt
  • Cash conservation plan to withstand recession
  • Accelerated new product development program
  • Smooth generational transfer of management

Information Technology Service Provider

  • 5-fold revenue increase in 7 years
  • Establishment of customer relations management program to accelerate growth
  • Strategic acquisition program
  • Establishment of budgeting process
  • Establishment of line of credit to assure viability during recession
  • Rejection of premature offer to buy 50% at too early a stage of development
  • Establishment of management development program

Industrial Maintenance and Repair Provider

  • Amicable resolution of severe shareholder dissention
  • Recruitment of CFO
  • Increase in line of credit to assure viability during recession
  • Substantial improvement in timeliness and accuracy of management financial reporting